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Small Space Vegetable Gardening

March 16, 2013 · No Comments

Are you feeling the urge to get your hands dirty or have a yen for home-grown fresh veggies but are frustrated because you just don’t have the space at your Gainesville FL home to plant a real garden?  Not to worry.  Just as the “grow your own produce” movement has taken hold, so has small space and/or container vegetable gardening.

Not sure how to get started?  Visit Vegetable Gardening Online for a free planning grid and planting advice—for a space as small as 1’ x 5’. Or click here for instructions on site selection, soil preparation, and space-saving techniques for your Gainesville FL home garden.  Efficiency gardening strategies include companion planting, crop rotation, succession planting, spacing, and vertical growing.  Who knew?

What will you need?  General requirements include soil, plenty of sunshine, and a water source.   Keep in mind, however, that while most vegetables do best in at least 6 hours of sunlight, there a few (spinach, lettuce, broccoli, e.g.) that can tolerate some shade, so don’t discount any potential garden spot.

What to plant in a small space?  Think tomatoes, lettuce, peas and beans, beets, carrots, and peppers.  Each of these vegetables will grow well in a small area, will not require extra care, and will contribute to delicious meals at your Gainesville FL home.

Remember, though, that you don’t need a plot of land to garden.  Many vegetables lend themselves well to container gardening. With some thought to selecting bush or dwarf varieties, almost any vegetable can be adapted to growing in a pot. Vegetables that take up little space, such as carrots, radishes and lettuce, or crops that bear fruits over a long period of time, such as tomatoes and peppers, are perfect for container vegetable gardens.  Containers for your vegetable gardens can be almost anything: flower pots, pails, buckets, wire baskets, bushel baskets, wooden boxes, nursery flats, window planters, washtubs, plastic bags, large food cans, or any number of other things.  However, no matter what kind of container you choose, it should have holes at the base or in the bottom to permit drainage of excess water. Another tip:  be careful when using dark colored containers because they absorb heat which could possibly damage the plant roots. If you must use them, try painting them a lighter color.

Happy eating!

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