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Things To Do Gainesville: Wolf to Woof

July 7, 2014 · No Comments

Things To Do Gainesville:

Wolf to Woof: The Story Of Dogs

Now through Sept 1, 2014, the Florida Museum of Natural History is offering a visiting exhibit, Wolf to Woof.

“Wolf to Woof” is the world’s largest exhibition on the history, biology and evolution of dogs. This family-friendly exhibit reveals the fascinating history of dogs, their connection with wolves and what makes them man’s best friend. Four themed areas feature artifacts, multimedia displays, photomurals and dioramas on wild canines and modern dog breeds. Explore interactive hands-on components such as a “howling area” and “guess what dogs are saying” activity, or go nose-to-nose against a dog’s great sense of smell. Learn how dogs have secured a special place in human society as an incredibly diverse and versatile species, serving as hunters, herders, guards and companions.

Learn about the incredible adaptability of dogs and how their appearances have changed over time, naturally and due to breeding by humans. Also follow the geographical origins and history of some domestic breeds, wild canines and extinct relatives.

Explore why domesticated and wild canine species behave the way they do. Compare and contrast the behaviors of wolves and domesticated dogs while exploring human intrigue with dogs.

Analyze this special bond and find out more about how dogs help mankind  and climb into an avalanche scene to experience what it’s like to be saved by a search-and-rescue dog.

Explore the issues humans pose for dogs and what we can do to solve these problems. Learn about responsible pet ownership, the latest developments in veterinary science, wolf reintroduction to national parks and the fight to save the endangered Ethiopian wolf.

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