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Tips To Help Your Housekeeper Do Their Job

November 23, 2016 · No Comments

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Having a housekeeper to clean your house is a wonderful way to get some help with your housework if you have to work outside of the home and don’t have much time to do it yourself.  There are ways to make your housekeeper’s job a bit easier than it otherwise might be however and the list below is a list of tips to help your housekeeper have an easier time making your house more beautiful and tidy.

  1.  Be sure if you want your house cleaned like you want it that you are clear on specifics about what exactly it is you want done.  If you write a list of what all you want cleaned for example you need to spell out each thing you want done and how you want it done so that you are not disappointed when you get back home after the housekeeper has done their job.
  1. Another tip to help your housekeeper  get their job done well is to take care of your pets.  Your housekeeper is there to clean your house, not to pick up after your pets and their messes.  If you can take your pet over to a friend’s or family members house while your housekeeper is there cleaning it may be best for all involved.
  1. If you have things around the house that you can do before the housekeeper comes you may save yourself a bit of money.  An example of the types of things you can go ahead and get done before the housekeeper comes is to get rid of your trash from last night’s dinner as well as go ahead and wash the dishes.
  1. If there is something really nasty in the house such as dog poo then clean it up before your housekeeper gets there. If it is too nasty for you then it is too nasty for your housekeeper and you shouldn’t expect them to take care of it for you.
  1. Clean up any clutter before your housekeeper comes to your home so that they won’t have a hard time getting the floors cleaned and also so they won’t have to wonder where things belong and therefore may end up putting something in the wrong spot.

These are just a few tips that will make your housekeepers life a bit easier.  If a clean house is what you are after, do your part to make it happen and to keep your housekeeper happy.

Courtesy Gainesville FL Realtor Linda Luetjen.

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